The European Digital Learning Network – DLEARN – is a no-profit association based in Italy, Milan. It aims to embrace the challenges brought by the digital transformation in terms of digital skills mismatch and digital learning opportunities.  The 47% of Europeans is not properly digitally skilled, yet in the near future 90% of jobs will require some level of digital skills and numerous opportunities in terms of jobs that are going to shape the labour market. We believe on the value of SHARING, CONNECTING, MULTIPLING, ENHANCING the potential of our members, local territories and people. Constant changes in economy and society have been urging governments to emphasize the contribution of education to a wide range of newly required skills and competencies. 21st Century skills are considered to be key enablers of responsible citizenship in a ICT-based economy.


The network was born on January 2016 and, today, it is composed of 23 different organizations from  many EU countries (13 countries), active in the field of education and digital learning at various levels. The European Digital Learning Network and its members participate in many transnational initiatives to boost digital learning and digital skills both and it operates mainly through its working groups which are constantly monitoring, analysing and promoting the latest news in terms of digital learning and skills.


A successful education and training in our knowledge society depend increasingly on the confident, competent and innovative use of ICT. The European Digital Learning Network wants to bring closer the experiences and the voices of local territories and people to EU polices. Nowadays this process is hindered by the presence of bigger interests, notably big corporation or umbrella organizations. With our activities and through our network we want to minimize this gap, through the achievement of bottom up initiatives, such as:

  • PROJECT LABS: Closer cooperation and enhancement of our activities to a higher level through periodic project labs
  • NETWORKING: Tight networking activities and lobbying to achieve a fruitful accreditation of local needs to the relevant EU Commission DGs
  • KNOWLEDGE CREATION: Improve existing experiences and knowledge of digital learning through sharing of practices and creation of efficient business opportunities



  • PROPOSALS: Involvement of DLEARN members in proposals between 2016/2017 for a total of more than 90 proposals that generated 30 approved projects.
  • DIRECT PARTECIPATION as partner in 10 E+ projects on digital education;
  • PARTECIPATION in EU Commission working groups with the aim to foster digital education;
  • DIGITAL SKILLS AND JOB COALITION: On the 1st March 2017, the European Digital Learning Network was accepted as member of the “Digital Skills and Job Coalition”. We are now full members of the coalition and we cooperate closely with the Commission to bring innovation and improve digitalisation in EU;
  • VOCATIONAL SKILLS WEEK: Participation to the Vocational Skills Week 2016 promoted by DG Employment with 7 events managed by our members in 5 EU countries
  • Participation to the Vocational Skills Week 2017 promoted by DG Employment with 12 events managed by our members in 8 EU countries
  • COOPERATION AGREEMENTS: Lifelong Learning Platform, European Association Of Erasmus Coordinators, DigitalEurope, EBN (European Business Centres), European Office Of Cyprus, EU Parent’s Association, Digital Leadership Institute, EU Commission DGs: Connect; Employment (Unit A3 Apprenticeship, Vet And Adult Education); EAC (Unit A2 Eit And Future Of Education) OBESSU Organising Bureau of European School Students Unions; EVBB European Association of Institutes for Vocational Training;


Contact person: Gianluca Coppola, European Digital Learning Network President

E-Mail address:

Tel: + 39 02 8728 4807


Address: European Digital Learning Network, Via Domenico Scarlatti 30 20124 – Milano Italy

  Gianluca Coppola, European Digital Learning Network President
  + 39 02 8728 4807