The Szczecin College of Collegium Balticum is widely known as one of the best private universities in the northern Poland. In our offer we have BA and MA level studies in IT, social work, education and internal security. Our students are very specific group – most of them are mature people who have already started their professional carrier. They know exactly what formal qualifications and practical knowledge they need and they expect us to adjust the content of our teaching programs to their particular expectations. For those most experienced who want to enrich their education, change profession or raise qualifications in order to become more competitive on the labour market we offer almost 60 specialities on post graduate studies. We also provide our region with educational opportunities on two of our off-campus faculties located in Stargard and Sulęcin.

We are always very flexible and up to date with the labour market requirements and tendencies as they are the main criterion in designing our offer and searching for new paths in our development. To establish and maintain lasting relationships between our college and entrepreneurs and business environment institutions the Centre for Business Cooperation (CWB) was established in 2016.  Its role is to initiate, coordinate and work on joint initiatives to improve the quality of education, promote entrepreneurship, and popularize the positive effects of science and business collaboration.

The college  plays an important role on local educational market in terms of additional thematic courses for disadvantaged groups i.e. people from socially and economically disadvantaged areas, unqualified adults and others. Its intention is to cooperate with local institutions (local authorities, NGOs, companies, other universities) in order to provide thematic workshops and seminars and to attract target groups.

Our students and alumni are very often involved in pedagogical work. There is a great number of people involved in voluntary or professional work for NGOs working in the field of education, social work or entrepreneurship.

At international level, Collegium Balticum realizes several EU projects. In the past, institution was also among the partners of Open the Door to Europe project.

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