Zadar County Rural Development Agency (AGRRA) is a public institution established by Zadar County with the aim to inform, coordinate and implement Program for Rural Development 2014-2020, as well as to increase and develop human resources in entrepreneurship and awareness about ecology and sustainable use of natural resources.

AGRRA researches and develops information and communication technologies within the framework of the needs of rural development and fisheries. AGRRA provides technical and advisory assistance in the international and interregional cooperation programs focused on technological development and development of innovative entrepreneurship, as well as sustainable economic activities of rural areas. We also actively work on sociological development aimed at reducing the emigration of the population from rural areas. The Institution strengthens financial and human resources of the regional and local government and organizations with the scope to include actively all the stakeholders in the rural development policies. It develops sustainable economic activities in the rural areas, sustains and develops pilot projects in agriculture, fishery and rural development, incites business cooperation and transfer of technological results. AGRRA offers technical and advisory help in the international and interregional cooperation programmes focused on technical and other development of rural areas.

Within AGRRA, there are three departments: Department of Economy, Department of Development and EU Funds and Department of International Cooperation, which fully cover all aspects of rural development of the Zadar County. Over the years, AGRRA built a solid team with vast expertise in different sectors (international relations, agriculture, fishery, finance, project management…), so to consolidate a multidisciplinary approach and build a vast partners’ network which includes private and public entities: SME’s in different sectors, universities, Chamber of Commerce, Croatian Chamber of Agriculture, regional development agencies and other.



Ana Zubčić, univ.spec.pol.


+385 23 628 450 
+385 99 273 3273


Andrea Knežević, mag. oec.


+385 23 628 450

  Ana Zubčić, univ.spec.pol.
  +385 23 628 450
  Andrea Knežević, mag. oec.
  +385 23 628 450