Focusing on people, we should have in mind that every person ought to have a better chance in his/her life and receive support if he/she experiences special difficulties. It is a win-win strategy as it promotes personal and professional development of an individual as well as society flourishing. In this context, it is crucial to improve learning opportunities.

The Erasmus+ “Count Me In” project aims at supporting development of a quality learning offer in the field of adult education focusing on learning outcomes and learner responsibility and autonomy as well as promoting the use of technology in educational and civil participation processes.

We think that employing technology can maximize learning efficiency, encourage active participation of the disadvantaged groups in society processes and, consequently, make them able to better their environment – on personal and community level – transforming it into smart.  The concept “smart” is sometimes used as a synonym of “highly technologic” and, thus, “not reachable” by ordinary citizens without higher education… The constant improvement and miniaturization of electronic components and their reduced price have made various elements of high technology (smartphones, computers, etc.) available to the general population.

We want to raise curiosity of adult learners about the world; help them to understand that they are a main chain in the change process; plant the seeds of the knowledge sharing best practices and working out new creative solutions. When we have done it, the imagination and curiosity of our learners will do the rest.

Europe has always kept up with innovative ideas. If we choose to hold on to the innovator’s path…we have to focus on people, places and processes.

(European Political Strategy Centre Strategic Notes,2017)